Prayer for Boston and those Traumatized and Injured

Christian Stone Cross

Christian Stone Cross (Photo credit: freefotouk)

Heavenly Father,

In recent hours, so many thoughts and prayers have been lifted to you on behalf of Boston, and people injured, and people traumatized, and those who’ve lost loved ones.   I join in Lord Jesus.

We cry out in pain, we ask to understand.

We lift up every person affected and ask for your healing presence to surround and touch them.  We ask for physical, psychological and emotional injuries to be completely healed.

We ask you to protect us from our enemies, from those who would attack and torture, and who would try to injure and destroy us.

We pray for our nation.  We are attacked and need you.

We pray for those ministering to the wounded, the doctors, and nurses and social workers, and other healthcare providers.  Give them wisdom and strength, that is supernatural as they treat the injured.  Give them grace and compassion for everyone injured.

Be with the authorities and those seeking to protect us.  Help them to solve the mysteries quickly.  Give them insights and clues, and help the perpetrators to be apprehended quickly.   Give them what they need to do their jobs well.

We humble ourselves before you Lord Jesus.   We need you.  Bring peace to our nation.   Bring us hope, and healing, and fill us with your peace.   Give us grace for what lies ahead.

In Jesus name we pray.


Disclaimer:  This christian prayer is offered in faith by a true believer.  Those of other faiths are respected and asked to be respectful this faith in comments and thoughts.