Happy (puppies)

Sure to make all the doggy lovers smile.


Son of God

This movie opens this weekend.  Can’t wait to see it.
My strongest conviction about Christianity is that it is about what this one man did…

it’s about believing him, following him, trusting him.
Falling in love… with HIM.

I hope you check it out.

Teddy in Academia


Talk about a smart dog!

Long summer days…

…. vacations…

… trips to the beach…

… bar-b-ques…

On reflection – we haven’t had time for that this summer.   Work, work, work… Well – okay a little fun… but mostly work.

Now, we are not complaining.  An air-conditioned office isn’t all that bad when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Nevertheless, In a few more weeks students will return.
So Teddy Roosevelt – president in chief – went to the office this week.  His job is to guard, greet and supervise.

It’s sort of a clandestine adventure…   Enter through the back door.  Take the stairs. Stay close to mom. Bring doggy treats, bone, and water dish.  Take breaks as needed.. 

It’s going well….
We’re getting work done….
Teddy has settled into a good guard/nap place.

Then it happens, a noise, a stranger, danger is detected.
Mr. President’s guarding mechanism runs on instinct. There is no hesitation.

We must BARK!

The upside – is of course, that we know when anyone enters.  In empty & sterile summertime academic halls that is actually kind of nice.

The clandestine part, though, fades quickly, and isn’t so easy, when your best-bud in-chief barks. The spot under the desk may hide the little furry guest professor for a little while, but someone may just figure this out

Oh well.  So far – things are good…. we’ve only run into friendly passers-by.   They comment on the presidential cuteness (thank you), and ask if he allows petting (usually – unless you’re too small or wiggly). I don’t think we’ll ask the office-mates upstairs, or downstairs, or next-door in the long sterile corridor if they’ve noticed.

They said last night on the news people who take their dogs to work our happier.  Our research conclusively supports these findings.

…..   and yes Mr. President will certainly get a special treat for all of his hard work!


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