Spring in Winter

I love photography.  I keep trying different ways to see if people are interested in purchasing my photo’s.

I’ve been using this picture as a Facebook Header – brings a little spring into our winter to spring.

Telling what you think.


Almost here…

Spring is almost here.

I can feel it.  In the morning there is still frost on the ground.  By noon the sun is high in the sky and the air is starting to feel warm.

The gardeners came and laid new ground cover.

The squirrel in the tree across the backyard fence is scoping out the back yard – probably waiting to see when I’ll begin the vegetable garden.

Teddy (my dog) – is vigorously guarding his perimeter.  He sniffs out every inch of the fence.   He got to chase a Robin yesterday.  The fat little Robin was sitting in the yard – probably searching for a few surface earth-worms.  Enter Teddy Roosevelt..  He didn’t seem to notice her at first.  Then he did, but he didn’t chase right away – he looked at her, and she at him – there was a pause –  and then he decided -it’s on baby….  and off they both went.

On the sunny days, spring is like a a gift of hope.   There is hope of new life, hope of fading frost, hope in new flowers blooming, hope in longer days and shorter nights, hope of time to play.

Hope you’re enjoying your gift today.