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This is one of my favorites… (well – early favorites).


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It snowed yesterday…

It snowed yesterday.  I mean – yesterday was the middle of 24 hours of non-stop big fluffy flakes falling from the sky.

Put’s you in the Christmas mood!

And the light man – came to put up the Christmas lights….  It’s a sign -and I don’t mind one bit if Christmas comes early.

So here’s our start….  enjoy.

Pentatonix:  Mary did you know…

A Grief Toolbox

Where do you begin?

Where do you begin to deal with loss and grief when it hits you out of the blue…..

Whether it is expected or unexpected the loss of loved ones can leave you feeling like a bomb just went off nearby.  If it comes without notice, as the passing of my father did 7 years ago, it can seem as if you’re left blinded and deaf by the explosion.

Not only did I lose my father seven years ago, I lost my mother exactly 2 weeks before that.
My mom’s passing was expected, and a quiet relief from her struggle with illness, brain disease and dementia.  My father’s passing two weeks later was like a bomb…..

When the sound of the explosion wears off, and the dust settles, you’re left looking around and wondering what, if anything is left of your life.  You may look to friends or family members for comfort and support, but what is there, may be the not be what you expected to find.

That was what happened to me, and I’ve tried to understand it ever since.

I know people “deal with grief differently”, and there is “no set way” to deal with grief…. but when the people you were counting on totally abandon you, it is painful and confusing.

I came across this website recently and I wanted to share.
The post today – is about friendships you have after the loss.

It’s about the one’s you thought you had, the ones you need, and the ones you weren’t expecting.

Here is a direct click link

I hope someone else finds it encouraging.