“Pursuing Holiness” by Pastor Tobey Hall (Oct 12, 2014)

“Pursuing Holiness” by Pastor Tobey Hall (Oct 12, 2014).

Love this man and his family!

It’s a sermon – about new life!


Teddy’s Summer Adventures

Teddy is having a wonderful summer getting his mommy fit.

We walk every day.


This is our walking path

Walking w' mom

Are you coming mom?

We go to the park

Sometimes we watch the skaters and bikers

We enjoy the sunshine

Sometimes we play on the ramps.

Sometimes we play on the ramps.


We dream of 360's and flips and spins.

We dream of 360’s and flips and spins.


but mostly we just go go go

but mostly we just go go go

because there is no place like home....

because there is no place like home….

The Cookie Biz

Summer brings time for…


Parties? Beach walks? Baseball? Free time? Ice-cream? Vacation?

… well when you’re a teacher, or a professor – a lot more work.  A lot of papers and research and writing…  but to compensate for all of that intensity I bake.  I bake cookies and brownies, and pretty much whatever strikes me as fun.

It has occurred to me, since some boys at a skate park told me I should start a cookie business – (many years ago) –  that perhaps I could make some extra $$ selling my cookies.   (As a teacher, adding some cushion in the  budget would be really nice).

My cookies have been popular with my family and friends pretty much since I started baking. Over the years I’ve saved my favorite recipes, and created a few of my own.  However, I’m a health-conscious, and weight conscious, and I have a few family members with Celiac disease… which means no gluten.  So lately I’ve tried some gluten free recipes.

My first gluten free recipe was last summer.  It was a gluten free chocolate cake, and it was amazing.  However, the first attempt was a flop… I mean literally the cake fell.  (I’ve never had a cake fall until I tried using gluten free flour… ouch.).  It was for a party, so I had to figure out how to make it work, and I did, and the cake got amazing reviews – (whew).  I realized then, that this gluten-free thing was a new challenge.

This summer I’ve advanced, I’m trying new recipes, and I’m thinking maybe I could attempt selling at our local Saturday market.  Fun, right?   Well, I’ve learned I need a commercial kitchen and special permits, so I signed up for a class (in a place with a commercial kitchen), to see if this idea is worth pursuing.

Last night my 2nd batch of gluten free brownies turn out so moist and yummy you really can’t tell they’re gluten free.
So this is my summer adventure.

Here’s the first batches of gluten free chocolate chip, brownies and sugar cookies and a tentative label…

I’m new to this idea of being an entrepreneur – so I’ll keep you posted.

(if you have ideas or tips on starting a cookie biz – please do share).

Here is the first batch!

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Belize Adventure 2014

Community Garden

Part of the 2013 Garden, and posts that mark the area of the new chicken coupe

For the past 10 days, myself and Dr. Anthony Songer, have led the group of students in our Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility Class on a service learning trip in Belize.

We are an interdisciplinary group that includes students who are from a variety of undergraduate programs.  This year these include; engineering majors, nursing majors, psychology, education etc. etc.

The theme of of our community service work is “Healthy Lifestyles”.  My student Michelle (nursing major), did an excellent job of “connecting the dots” so to speak, or explaining why our projects and interdisciplinary teaming is important in Belize.

Read all about our adventure this year, and the importance of teaching children to grow their own vegetables here.  Connecting the Dots by Michelle McCowin


Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

Sunday mornings
Quiet time to reflect
Have an extra sip

Reflect on the week behind
& prepare for the week ahead

Relax at the thought of a few free moments today

Have a conversation with God.
Discuss the why’s and the how’s
and ask the questions that got buried in the busyness

I ponder your word.
& let faith grow
Let rest – restore my soul….

Psalms 5:3

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait expectantly.

& Thank you for the great coffee!  You do all things well.



Link above is for a friend who sells organically grown coffee.  See Cinemajava.com