Christmas Miracle


Kings and Queens

Remember when you were little.   If you were a girl maybe you dressed up in your mommy’s old cloths or if you were a boy you played cops and robbers?   Christmas was about family and presents, and most importantly you always felt safe and loved.

As life wore on you realized dreams didn’t always come true, but you were less worried about your own when you realized there was joy in making the dreams of others come true.

All of those memories returned when I heard this song ….

Kings and Queens by Audio Adrenaline



It occurred to me this week, that perhaps, if I share my journey of creativity, marketing, and trying to make ends meet it may inspire others who are trying to do the same.

I’m a single gal, and I’ve worked hard – very hard in nursing for over 20 years.  I earned a masters degree and a doctoral degree.  I take care of children (professionally) and whomever crosses my path and asks in the rest of life.

In the past few years my physical challenges, have created marked impressions on how I view my the remainder of my time in my professional field.   I also teach, but for reasons far beyond my control, educators aren’t afforded the same compensation as other high-level professionals.  (If a doctoral degree doesn’t qualify as high-level professional I don’t know what does).

Anyway,  the big picture tells me my days in this field may be limited, and I need another income stream.  So what to do?  Well – I’ve taken my passions and tried to turn them into an income stream.  I love photography, I love to create, I love to bake (although that requires time on my feet which must be limited at the moment), I love helping those less fortunate… (which is expensive – at least for now – because I sponsor my own travels and endeavors).

So I’ve taken some of the best photo’s I’ve have, some of the amazing scenery I’ve seen, and some of the fun I’ve had along the way and tried to translate that to things that may be interesting or meaningful to others.

If you’re interested please follow along.
If you have ideas on how to successfully generate an income from home or my PC – please let me know.   I’m following the guides, marking sign-posts – but currently no sales.  Do I need new ideas? Better skills…….. probably all of the above.   So be kind in criticism…. helpful suggestions are welcome.


Another traveler.


Cupcakes in Cape Town provide inspiration ;0)