As a nurse

I realize I haven’t blogged much lately.  The beginning of (middle of, and end of …) the semester gets hectic.  The last few weeks have been no exception.

As a nurse, I often deal with things I won’t discuss in a blog. Private things, personal reactions, and stories that are really others.  I see some nursing sites these days that honestly bother me…. they talk about the “don’t like” things about their jobs. I don’t find them helpful. Everyone has things they “don’t like” about their job. Why not let your words heal……..

So as best as I can, I try.

My job has always been about children. Caring for the most vulnerable, sharing what I can share. I treat and have loved them all as if they were my own. I know they’re not, I know I only get them for a few moments…… but I love them anyway.

This week some friends lost their child, and I can no longer hide behind a professional mask. It hits hard, and it hurts. Another young life taken too soon. Another child lost in hopelessness and despair. Another family devastated by grief.

My words seem far to inadequate.

So I share this post today for those who’ve lost loved ones and children……  I share a link to a site that has helped me.  It’s a page where people discuss their grief and their coping…  I hope sharing the website, sharing a place where people talk and share, may help others who are struggling.

The website is called “The Grief Toolbox” 

Not every piece may help, but there will be ones that jump out, and you find you relate to..

Best my friends.

Hoping your days are filled with peace.