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Why You Need To Remember Your Value

Well said.

James Michael Sama

For anyone attempting “dating” in the 21st century, there is an overwhelming question of whether or not our generation actually appreciates the qualities many of us were taught to possess by our parents, grandparents, or hell – even Disney movies.

In an age that seems to be overrun by the self-absorbed, those who are perpetual givers often feel as though they are shoveling their heart into an abyss of apathy. The “me me me” generation can easily seem as though they feel entitled to the special attention they are given, and therefore express their appreciation less.

To the giver, this can be quite disheartening. While I believe that someone with a truly generous heart will never do something for the sake of anything in return, everyone likes to feel appreciated by someone they care about, or put themselves out there for.

I think one of the biggest keys to avoiding…

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Prayer for July 11th

Hope For The Broken Hearted


Hello Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

As we gather together today, we lift up all the places in the world where there is fighting, rioting, terror and violence going on. Lord, unless we live in places like the Middle East, we can’t imagine what it is like to daily try to live in chaos and fear and with suffering all around. We don’t begin to know or understand all that is really going on in these places we only hear and read about in the news, but we know that there are innocent people being killed. We hear of people who are  being tortured and murdered for their faith . We know that there are people who think that violence against even small children is okay. We are thankful that there are people who are trying to right the wrongs and fight for freedom…oh, Lord,  we ask that you will overcome evil with good.

We can’t…

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Feelin Down? Nice Things – (Reasons to Stay)

Kindness Blog

Nice Things - (Reasons to Stay Alive)Nice Things - (Reasons to Stay Alive)Nice Things - (Reasons to Stay Alive)

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National Suicide Crisis Hotlines

Other Countries


The Trevor Project operates the nations only 24/7 crisis & suicide prevention helpline for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. If you or a friend are feeling…

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Teddy’s Summer Adventures

Teddy is having a wonderful summer getting his mommy fit.

We walk every day.


This is our walking path

Walking w' mom

Are you coming mom?

We go to the park

Sometimes we watch the skaters and bikers

We enjoy the sunshine

Sometimes we play on the ramps.

Sometimes we play on the ramps.


We dream of 360's and flips and spins.

We dream of 360’s and flips and spins.


but mostly we just go go go

but mostly we just go go go

because there is no place like home....

because there is no place like home….