Cookie Business – Step 2 – Mixing the Ingredients

The right mix of, well, everything needs to go into your new business start-up.  That’s been the business lesson I’ve been learning for the last month.

I went to the class on turning your food idea into a business.
It was awesome, and I met other people like me.  They had great food ideas, great recipes and were in various stages of business development.

My class taught me, “if it’s not making money ($$$) it’s not a business”. That thought lead me to meticulously cost ingredients, figure out best recipes, and figure out the cost of everything else -i.e. insurance, business incorporation, marketing… It’s a lot.

Secret testers are now testing recipes for me..  

So far, my best customers have been the neighbor boys! Their testimonial will probably go on a business website some day. Suffice it to say for now, they really like my cookies… and brownies and sugar cookies are at the top of the list…   they didn’t even know they were gluten free.

What I have I learned so far?
Starting a business is lots of work, and lots of fun.  It takes focus and discipline, and time.
I’m hoping it leads to some happy customers (who buy my cookies soon).

If you have ideas for a cookie business name – please leave comments below.


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