The Light on your story…

Morning Light

Morning Light – Church in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

It’s been a while since I’ve written…

…. hectic schedules, deadlines, demands, repairs, classes, more repairs (of the human and mechanical sort), more deadlines.  It never seems to end.  Yet excuses are lame.

For the past few months I’ve followed a friend’s prayer journal.  It’s a journal of a wife who was injured by severe stroke, and the journey of recovery (which to-date is still in progress).  I’ve been in a quiet reflective, and prayerful mood…  as a number of friends have been on these journeys or wrestled with human struggles.  It seems of late, my conversation with God regarding the issues is more important than any conversation about it with others.

This one friend reflects on life’s struggles and challenges and trials, and I quote from his journal today… but the words are so truthful I wanted to share with you…. “I think if we know God, all our stories are great. But it takes special light to see what is truly great in our stories.”  This – coming from someone who’s spent most of the last six to nine months in rehabs facilities, in what most would consider anything but glamorous circumstances.

My thought for you today is what is great about your story?  Is it that you have persevered? Is it that you have overcome and triumphed (like the Olympians this week)?  Is it that your faith has remained? or your love has grown?

You know some of us get so burdened with the struggles we face, we loose site of what the struggles are creating inside of us.  Is it a softer heart? Is it more compassion for others? Is it more desire to give or serve, or is it a great invention – a solution to one of those problems.  Perhaps it is simply more faith for the journey ahead.

I don’t know your struggles, but I do know a heavenly father, who wants you to see them as He does.  Give the struggles to him…. Feel the warmth of his love shine on those dark places.  Perhaps the struggle will not end right away, but it will end eventually.  Let him give you the strength you need to face it today.  The answers are at hand.  He’s the one writing your story….. He is the one responsible for making all of our stories great.

With love……….


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