When Your Kid is a Jerk at Christmas

Realistic expectations for children? – Probably a good idea…. This is worth the read.

Before & After

Christmas. Full of romanticized ideals of what the world is, or should be. We are celebrating the birth of hope, of grace, and our forever King. We are trying to find our proverbial Bing Crosby Christmas, but it’s buried alive under mounds of defective string lights, years of disappointment, and the weight of our gritty reality: life is not as perfect as the cover of a 1955 Christmas album.

So what do you do when you have shopped, wrapped, prepped, cooked, baked, glittered and prayed your way through the season, and your tween or teen seems to have been born the love child of the Grinch and Paris Hilton? All kids can act grumpy or spoiled at times, but what do you do when your kid’s self-centered behavior is stealing your Christmas joy?

If your kid is bah-humbugging the Christmas festivities, or behaving as if the entire holiday is…

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