Belize 2014

Belize 2014

I teach a class called Global Citizenship & Social Responsibility.  It’s about expanding your view of the world by working to make a difference in it.  Last year we took a garden from this…..

The Garden - Beginning

The Garden – Beginning

to this…..

Garden Beds

Students worked hard, in 100 degree heat and humidity to build relationships and a place to grow healthy foods.  Local students assisted.

We told the story on this website.

If you’d like to support student trips this year, or supplies for our trip, please click here.  Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

You can specify if you would like donations to assist supporting student travel, or supplies for projects and projects are listed on the website.  This is not a charitable organization – but if you would like to donate and have your donation go to a charitable organization that supports our work please contact via links in the attached pages.  I’m not a professional fund-raiser, just listening to many students ask how to lower costs of the $2700.00 course fee that covers their travel and project costs.


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