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Hope, Courage, Inspiration, Faith, a Prayer…



Confession:  I’m still a huge SF Giants Fan…..

This man is one reason.

In the midst of all of his struggle – he visited children at the hospital where I worked.  Even back then, my tough teenagers were impressed, the kids with cancer ecstatic.

Great Saturday afternoon story.

“Simple Act of Kindness I Did Today.”

What if our goal was – 1 simple act of kindness each day… Maybe it’s being patient with the lady with the huge cart of groceries in front of us, or being kind to the man on the street – or you’ll think of the right one.

Kindness Blog

Another kind Twitter User, @dprincessjas, wrote:

Simple of act of kindness I did today. I handed him a $10 note he then shook my hand and said, “God Bless You”. ☺

Simple of act of kindness I did today.


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