Six Hours one Friday

Cross on the hill, nr Kemsing, KT (Photo credit: L2F1)

Six Hours one Friday  is a book by Max Lucado

Do you need a word of hope?  Do you need answers you haven’t yet found?

Do you have questions like:

  • How do you find significance when rejected?
  • How do you find strength when overwhelmed?
  • What do you do, when failure threatens a hopeless future?
  • Is this life all there is?

These are the essential questions Lucado touches through his eloquent story-telling style.  He connects real people and real stories to promises meant for each of us.

Here is an excerpt:

“What if it really happened… if God did commandeer his own crucifixion… if he did turn his back on his own Son…. if He did storm Satan’s gate, then those six hours that Friday were packed with tragic triumph.     … Those six hours were no normal hours.  They were the most critical hours in history.  For during those six hours on that Friday, God embedded in the earth three anchor points sturdy enough to withstand any hurricane.”

“What do you do with that day in history?”


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