A-Word-A-Week Photo Challenge: Tropical

Spider Monkey in Belize

Thanks for the treat...Spider Monkey

This photo was taken in Belize – on a tropical jungle river boat ride.

Mr. Spider monkey was open to snacks from the visitors and came close enough to take our offering.  It’s fun seeing these little guys in an unrestricted setting.  Click on the picture for more from the Belizean journey.


4 Ways to Be More Mindful Every Day

Mindfulness – being aware, being conscious, … some of those problems you’re facing may just be solved if you really pay attention … just a thought. This is a good start.

hungry and fit

In our “I can multitask better than you” society, mindfulness can be a hard thing to achieve. The American way is to work harder, sleep less, and do more. And I should be specific, do more all at the same time. When do we have time to be in the present moment–that very moment–if we’re doing 7.5 things at the same time? Where’s the breathing room? Where’s the healthy mentality? I’m working on these constantly, and am nowhere near perfection, but it’s worth it to try. Take these 4 tips to sneak mindfulness into your day every day.

1. Get off your phone/tablet/computer. Yes I know you might have a new text waiting for you, or maybe somebody could’ve just uploaded a new Instagram pic. Just leave it. For a few minutes each day, and throughout the day, just leave it. We are all starting to have addictions…

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