St. Patricks Prayer – and Hope for the Broken Hearted.
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Hope For The Broken Hearted


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

We thank you for this new day you’ve given us. We thank you for our families and the people who hold us dear. We thank you for those who have gone before us and we thank you for our heritage as your child.

Father, on this day we call St. Patrick’s Day, many fail to think about the spiritual things this day represents. This day, for those who are aware, celebrates your redemption…it celebrates the fact that one person can make a difference…it is a day to show to the world, that one person who is committed to you, truly can change the world.

Patrick was sold into slavery and though he could have become angry and bitter, he turned to you and found you in the midst of suffering and servitude. He knew that you were with Him. He…

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