Keeping the Faith on Friday

This morning scrolling through my Facebook feed,  I saw an adorable picture of a little girl with her teddy bears next to her, kneeling beside her bed.  The post said –  “Keep praying, it causes miracles.”

Then next in the Facebook feed was a picture of little boy asking for 100,000 likes to beat cancer.   He already had well over 1 million……… So – I liked his post too – and told him I’d give him a BILLION likes if I could.   It reminded me of how hard the struggle is for some of us.   Yes – though I don’t know him, my career in nursing has given me the privilege of knowing many children just like him, and knowing the struggles he faces.

So yes, Friday is here.  The week is winding down, a few more hours of meetings and I’ll be able to unwind a little, but there is quite a bit of work ahead – even over the weekend.  

It’s been a stressful challenging week.
Too many projects, too much work, overload on many levels.

The words of encouragement today hit my heart right where it was needed.    A little boy fighting courageously, and asking for a few strong arms to lift him up.   A little girl kneeling, encouraging, and trusting her very BIG God.

Yes – it’s Friday, and I’m tired, but I just found strength to finish the week.  Strength to spend the weekend making the work mountain a little smaller.

So I’ll pass it on, keep the faith.  Believe, in our very BIG GOD, who has strong loving arms, and who will lift us up and give us strength for the mountains we climb.  All we have to do is ask.

” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


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